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Wiki Backstory

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My name is Maryse de la Giroday and being a student in the master's programme in Creative Writing and New Media at De Montfort in Leicester, UK gave me an excuse to work on this project. I am interested in both nanotechnology and the impact of communications technologies on writing. After two years of work and support through the university's Institute of Creative Technologies, the result is this wiki 'The Nanotechnology Mysteries: an initiation in the science and the technology'.


The content in the wiki mirrors nanotechnology development. This is not meant to be a comfortable read but rather an active one. Nanotechnology does not yield its secrets easily and neither does this wiki which is a mystery both in the sense of a puzzle to be solved and as an initiation into an esoteric and specialized cult group. (For more information about the philosophy and construction underlying this wiki, under Jump joints, click on Alfred North Whitehead philosophizes.)


The material in here is sourced from the bibliography for this project which has approximately 150 references. Some of those 150 references come from my del.icio.us social bookmark file of almost 275 nanotechnology articles found on the web. When possible, I have cited texts which have authors. Also, I have usually cited the most authentic, complete secondary source material that I can find (as primary source material is intended for experts only in a given field). There is one exception to this rule and I indicate my doubts about the material in the relevant text. That said, this wiki is a creative exercise for both the writer(s) and reader(s).


For the first time in my life, I created (using Microsoft Pain) a couple of cartoon characters. They are  'onanonano' who asks for help and/or offers observations and 'orczy' who has only four lines and points the way to the only unlinked page in this wiki.


I've written about science and technology for roughly 20 years. These days in addition to my student work, I'm researching and writing about pain management, delirium, and other health-related issues. I am resident in Canada and have a website at frogheart.ca where I blog about nanotechnology and whatever else catches my fancy. I am a senior member of the Canada West Coast Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. I have given presentations on my nanotechnology work at the Association of Internet Researchers Conference, Oct. 2007; the Cascadia Nanotechnology Symposium, March 2008; and the Congress for the Humanities and Sciences in June 2008 for the Canadian Association of Teachers of Technical Writing. I graduate with a Master of Creative Writing and New Media from De Montfort University, UK in November 2008.


For permissions and licensing info., see Copyright and permissions.


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Jump joints

Alfred North Whitehead philosophizes

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